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Since symptoms in the head region can be varied and the underlying causes are often complex and not immediately obvious, our interdisciplinary center offers you comprehensive diagnostics from the maxillofacial, oral surgery, orthodontic, dental and esthetic plastic surgery aspects.

Modern technology and innovative treatment methods allow precise planning and realization of the treatment outcomes. Computer-assisted three-dimensional imaging of the teeth, jaws and facial skeleton and low-radiation digital X-rays deliver exact information about the bone substance and volume. For detailed diagnosis, the practice has the latest generation digital volume tomography machine (KaVo 3D eXam) with extended view function so the entire skull (craniofacial volume 17x17x23 cm) can be imaged. With a resolution of 0.15 mm pixel size, the machine is also highly suitable for showing even the smallest pathological changes in dental and periodontal tissues. Prior to planned implantation this method is used for exact imaging of the bony structures of the upper and lower jaws and the location of the mandibular nerve is determined and individual features are identified. Data acquisition and data export in DICOM 3 format also enables computer-generated templates to be produced for implantology.

Computer simulations are the basis for precise planning and support the doctor before and during therapy. With these images, patients can be given an illustration of the treatment and final result and the outcome can be predicted accurately with regard to both the scope and costs of the treatment.

Digital volume tomography has particular potential in the following areas: