Jaw reconstruction

Tooth extraction leads after a short time to atrophy (shrinkage) of the area of jaw in question, which usually interferes with subsequent treatment and fabrication of a denture, and may even make this impossible. This atrophy progresses especially in toothless jaws or areas of the jaw. Apart from loss of teeth, jaw defects may also be congenital or the result of accidents or surgery. Modern transplant procedures make it possible to reconstruct the jaw three-dimensionally so that your dentist can achieve oral rehabilitation with a prosthesis. In our Center, a highly experienced team is available for every kind of bone and tissue transfer, so that your ability to chew can be restored.


Extreme lower jaw atrophy after tooth extractions


Appearance after upper jaw reconstruction with bone graft from the iliac crest and implantation


Trauma with loss of the teeth and anterior section of upper jaw. Reconstruction with bone graft and implants.