General MF surgery

The entire range of surgical orthodontic procedures and implantology treatments is offered. Depending on the nature of the procedure and the patient’s wish, treatment can be performed under local anesthesia, sedation or general anesthesia. Ambulant operations are carried out in the practice clinic while more major operations are performed in the Raphael Clinic.

New and minimally invasive procedures allow us to provide largely painless treatment, which will allay your fears so that you will be able to relax more. Naturally, this will have a positive effect on how you feel in general and thus on wound healing.

Tooth preservation

Inflamed teeth are often the cause of severe jaw pains. The nerves that supply the diseased teeth are usually dead. The living bone surrounding the dead tooth is inflamed as a result. Often, the dentist has already tried to save the tooth by what is known as root canal treatment where the root canals of the tooth have been filled. If the tooth continues to cause problems, it may have to be removed sooner rather than later.

Using modern operation techniques, new instrumentation and filling materials, and our many years of experience, we can today preserve teeth that in the past were beyond saving.

Tooth removal

Wisdom teeth are often the cause of inflammation of the jaw and of the mucous membrane of the mouth. This is because ther is too little room for them in a jaw with a full set of teeth and they remain impacted and painful. They are partially or completely covered with mucous membrane and are displaced. They not only cause pain but by continuing to grow they also move the other teeth. This is particularly annoying if these have previously been brought into the correct position with extensive orthodontic treatment.

Due to gentle modern methods, these teeth can usually be removed without discomfort.

Jaw deformity

Jaw deformity or malocclusion that cannot be treated by orthodontic treatment alone requires additional orthodontic (orthognathic) surgery. This is intended not only to improve function but also the appearance of your face. The cheeks, nose, mouth, teeth, jaws and chin can be brought back into a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing relationship.

Your orthodontist and the maxillofacial surgeons collaborate closely in planning these procedures. Digital photos and X-rays are used for 3D computer simulations, which enable the operation and it's results to be planned.